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If you don’t lose over 4cm during your introduction treatment you won’t have to pay.

Welcome to Size Zero

Size Zero is the only company in the Netherlands to introduce the most successful piece of equipment for losing weight and toning your body quickly and effortlessly! The effectiveness of this machine has been scientifically proven. Size Zero guarantees that you will lose weight through a combination of Size Zero treatments and a natural, healthy diet! The amount of treatments depend on the outcome of the BIA-test.

Thousands of customers have already gone before you and they credit their toned bodies to the Size Zero Easy Shape Trainer; the newest figure correction and muscle building method. Due to the revolutionary results, it only takes a few weeks to get in shape. Results may differ per person.

Thanks to the machine’s success, Size Zero recently opened salons in 0ver 40 salons in the Netherlands and also abroad. Since Size Zero is a fast-growing company, more Size Zero salons will be opened in the future. Therefore, return to this website often for updates.

We are looking forward to seeing you at one of our salons!

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Ultrasound, lymphatic drainage, muscle training and electrostimulation in one treatment.

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Guaranteed results in both the short and long term.
Results may differ per person.

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